Hi guys, I wanted to buy a Schecter Helraiser Avenger, but i wanted a tremelo on it

So if any of you guys could recomend diffrent kinds, and tell me how hard each would be to apply. (i was thinking a Floyd Rose)

Thanks Loads guys
Well if its hardtail I believe it takes alot of routing to make it work
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You're going to ruin it of you try to do it yourself. It will take alot of money too.

I'd just get a Synyster Standard.
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isnt there an avenger called the "revenger" that has an FR ?
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the synyster gates is basically the same thing, they also have the synyster without the inlays or pinstripes...
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They make the Revenger, which is the same thing but with Duncan Actives(not sure if they're specifically Blackouts or not), and it has a LFR.

EDIT: To clarify, its Schecter Revenger, not Schecter Hellraiser Avenger.