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dr z mazerrati jr 18watt, reverb, 212 combo
0 0%
vox ac30 custom classics 212 combo
2 22%
gibson GA60RV Super Goldtone 212 combo
0 0%
fender '65 twin reverb reissue
1 11%
fender '68 twin reverb
4 44%
2 22%
Voters: 9.
ok so I'm finally making a decision on buying my new amp after a while of deliberating.

I play mostly indie/alternative/rock/progressive
I also want something that sounds ok for jazz and bluesy stuff, but the above is the most important as far as sound goes.

some bands i like are
edison glass, new as cities burn, explosions in the sky, etc.
i don't know if this helps much
i've been looking for a combo amp (but lately i've been thinking that a nice cab and head would provide more versatility in the future so combo or stack is ok)
i need something with a good clean,something that can take pedals alright, and something with a nice drive would be great, nothing too heavy though.
Price is just anything new that would be 2000.00 or below (if i find one i really like i will look around for it used and other bargains)
good tone is a must!

if you have any suggestions on a new amp please vote other and suggest them, otherwise vote on one of choices!
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Get a tubescreamer and a Fender Hot Rod. Whether it's the Deville or the Delxue, it'll be brilliant for the Alternative and indie stuff. As far as prog rock, get another amp for it
Fender Jaguar > effects (x9) > Orange AD5


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budda superdrive would be worth a look at. i feel that the fenders and the vox that you listed, while they are great amps, wont be great for what you play. I have never played the dr z and gibson though.