i have myself a problem.

well, i recently began my quest into the wonderful world of 90's shredding, and ive encountered a problem.

my pinky is possessed.

you see, its not like its weak or inaccurate, i use my pinky for playing just as much as my other fingers. its just that, whenever i lift it off the string even a fraction of an inch, it shoots off in some direction or another, about 2 inches from the fretboard. now this isnt a problem yet, but i can see it becoming one once i start to reach blazing speeds.

anyone with a similar problem manage to tame their pinky? please, share any and all tips.
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - Ozzy Osbourne
One thing you might wanna try is to just pick a chord on your guitar and practice doing hammer-ons and pull-offs with it, making sure you know where you going with it, after a while it should tend to go with the flow. Even while your watching TV just start moving your pinky straight up and down, it's about getting those muscles used to moving in that certain way
Wow my fingers launch themselves out of place too sometimes.

All I can suggest is you do some pinky workouts to help strengthen it and be more controllable. Unless you're doing that already?

Well here's one I found anyways.
thanks rhitard, that lick is whuppin' my pinky right into shape. anyone got anything in the same vein as that?
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - Ozzy Osbourne