a dont know if this has already been asked or if its in the right thread and i know its probly a realy bad novice question but its really bugging me. can some one please explain to me what theory is because ive read it all over people saying about learning theory and stuff but i dont know what it is
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theory is a set of concepts that express the relationship between notes in music. they call it theory because none of it is an unbreakable rule - just the commonly accepted boundaries for music in any culture.

theory explains how to play in key, how to know what key you're in, how to apply melody and harmony to music, how to build chords, etc etc etc... think of it as the alphabet that corresponds to the language of music. knowing the alphabet makes it easier to write music. and knowing the alphabet really well makes it easy to change the alphabet, find new uses for it, etc, etc, etc
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Ok, now from what i understand theory is just that, a theoretical guide or a generilastion of how music is written and read.

read the crusade lessons on the UG's less section to better understand indepth, what theory is and how it is used.

But from what i understand it really is just a general guide to how to read and write music, for example, you have the notes/ scales which are your letters, chords which maybe a word and then you have things like breaks which could be the period.

sorry if this makes no sense, im not good at explaining, but delve into it, once you get the first few things out of the way, it'll really start to make sense and just seem like second nature.