I'm looking to replace the 5-way pickup selector switch on my strat with individual on/off switches for each pickup. I have some mini-slide SPST switches that I'd like to use, but I'm not sure if they'd work or not. I've been searching everywhere for wiring diagrams and can't seem to find anything, and I'm a bit of a n00b. It seems like a simple procedure.

This page here shows what I want to do, but I can't figure out the wiring for it, since it's shown here in schematic-esque format. I only want one tone control, as shown here. Right now, my strat is stock wiring, aside from a killswitch mod on the volume pot done with this diagram .
The SPST (ON/OFF) switches would work. They just need to be wired from your pickup hot - switch - vol pot terminal (from your 2nd link=killswitch mod).
Do exactly the same for all 3 Pickups and each has its own on/off switch.


The first link shows a ON/OFF/ON DPDT switch for Phase switching as well for each pickup. The SPST won't do that.

If you only want one Tone pot then the other one will have to be removed from the circuit.
I don't think that diagram above will work if you have only got SPST switches though. That seems to rely on the SPDT switches. I could be wrong (but I could be right).

The theory's the same though. In a SPST the circuit is unmade and in the SPDT above it's grounded (shorted).

Hope it all helped anyway!.
It's the same, dude. The reason you have to use SPDT is because if you don't ground the pup when you aren't using it, it'll inject noise into the signal. That's why you have to have a push-to-make killswitch to gnd the signal.
I know guitarfetish sells some... http://store.guitarfetish.com/swiki.html
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@ Invader Jim

That would make sense. That's what I get for looking at it from a purely electrical point of view eh?!

So I guess he can't use SPST and has to buy some new SPDT instead then!
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For 35 bucks? **** that... Radioshack sells the switches for 2 or 3 bucks each.

It's got the pickguard too. I did my strat with 3 humbuckers a custom warmoth pickguard and full humbucker/off/single coil switches for each. It's my favorite combination. 3 single coils together sounds great/