When i try stand up and play guitar i become really crap. The most different thing about standing up is that i actually have to keep my guitar from falling down but this dosnt seem to be a problem for other people. Is it just my guitar (on profile) because my neck just falls down when i let go and it dosnt on other guitars. I just find it really difficult and i know im not going to play sat down forever so should i get used to the neck falling down or should a new guitar fix this?

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Sounds like you've got a neck heavy guitar there, which is why it tips when you let go of it.
This is no a problem, as many famous guitar designs are neck heavy.
My advice would be to practise playing while standing up. Will make you more comfortable with your guitar and will improve your general playing.

If you're still not happy playing your guitar after giving it a month or so of getting used to, then per'aps you should consider getting a new guitar that suits you better. But this is unlikely
yeah i have an SG and because the body is so light they are quite a bit neck heavy and will fall. I'd say the best thing you can do is tighten your strap so the guitar is higher up. I know you won't look cool or whatever but it is way easier to play. and if the neck really bothers you and you can't get used to it, find another guitar.
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Adjust your strap properly before you even begin to play. If you do it correctly it shouldn't be a problem.

As for playing crap standing up, everyeone's been there, & yes it only gets easier with practice. Try to play standing up as often as you can. Once you break the habit of playing sitting down you may actually prefer it.

When you're practicing your shoulders may hurt at first, so have a short break and get straight back into it. Good luck.
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I know you won't look cool or whatever but it is way easier to play.

Tom Morello looks cool playing a guitar up real high.
As said before, it is a problem of the guitar manufacturers for putting appearance above practicality, and as a result, your guitar neck dives. The best you can do is to put your strap up high, so that it is closer to how you would play it sitting down. A wide strap can give more friction, reducing neck dive.
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thanks for all the help guys, i was actually thinking of asking for a new guitar for christmas i might look for one that looks easier to play stood up. the one i was thiking of is: http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_kirk.html
has anyone had any experiance with a guitar like this or know if its easier to play stood up?
also pwrmax i do play with a strap and therealtater i made this account to look at tabs ive only just started posting is what i was meant to say
I had the same problem as well. I would do all my practice sitting down then played horribly when standing up at band practice.
My solution was to do all of my practice standing up. The only time I sit down is if I have to read a tab/notation to play it or if I'm using the classical.
Its not much fun at first but now that I've been doing it for about half a year I find it more natural. It also makes it a lot easier when you want to start walking around, moving maybe even jumping to the music for a live performance.
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thanks for all the help guys, i was actually thinking of asking for a new guitar for christmas i might look for one that looks easier to play stood up.

Go to a store and give different guitar shapes a try, but to be honest, if you're having trouble playing one shape standing up, I don't know how much difference a different shape is going to be.

I actually found the SG shape easier to stand up with because compared to the other guitars I played it was both lighter and thinner and the neck dive isn't a problem when your playing because you're holdig the neck anyway.
When you think about it, it's simple.

When you sit, you crouch over your guitar giving you a beautiful view of all those lovely frets and strings. You also curl your hand under to give you a very comfortable way to play.

The moment you stand, you lose that idilic setting for your play. You can no longer see your frets or strings and your hand has to do twice as much work now (well thats how it feels).

Practice standing up, all the time, to help this issue
Thanks again for all the advice. I was wondering does the quiality of the strap have anything to do with it, i was wondering this because i use the strap from a guitar hero controller and im afraid that its going to break or somet or that its made out of the wrong stuff for a real guitar strap. Does it matter if i use this or should i get a better strap??
You just have to do it a lot and you'll get used to it. try sitting down at first, playing a song that you really like, then stand up once you get in the zone so you dont mess up
I was there earlier this year, the best way to fix it would be to play standing up EVERY TIME YOU PLAY. It improves quickly. As for the tipping guitar, I play an SG so the neck dips down when I let go as well. It's not a huge problem, although a well balanced guitar feels much better in my opinion. You'll get used to that the more you play standing up as well.
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As far as your strap question, get a different strap. Ussually the thicker padded straps are the most comfortable, and it may make the neck dive on your guitar not as bad as it is now.

Good straps go anywere from like $30-$55. Although, I've seen $90+ straps as well. All depends on what you're comfortable with.