I found this amp for around $900
after reading the reviews for them i became very interested and plan on trying it out this weekend. MY only concern is I'm afraid this amp might not be for my type of music, and before i travel an hour to try it out, I wanted to know what you guys think.

I need something with good cleans at pretty high volumes, and something that has a nice drive, but nothing too heavy. Of course tone is very important as well.

I play mostly indie/alternative/progressive music
something that can handle a little jazz and blues wouldn't be bad either, but not completely necessary.

is this the right amp?

or should i go with maybe a fender(not sure what type, maybe a fender '68 twin reverb, around 1000), vox(ac 30, have a friend with a used one, custom classic, around 800), or a dr z (used maz 18 212, around 1300)