I found this guitar in a local pawnshop. It seems quite rare and cant find it anywhere on the net, except for on ebay. Unfortunatly I don't have enough money to buy it right now and would prefer to have some background or feed back rather than making a badly made purchase (hopefully not). anyway, any info about this guitar would be most helpful. As far as im aware this guitar is called a 'Mirage'. There is also a model number ae-309, but i typed this on google and it only came up with a similar acepro guitar. thanks again.
That looks pretty nice. And that triple blade humbucker looks quite interesting. See if theres a way you can try it out. Also, a headstock pic would help out some.
BUY IT....its GORGEOUS....

or not....
It looks kind of like a 300 dollar samick my neighbor has but the trem and pickups are different.

plug it in and give it a shot? then decide..... IMO
looks awesome. try playing it before doing anything else
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thanks for everones help. here is a picture of a similar headstock from a guitar of the same brand. The difference is it has not got the same binding or the natural wood finish and is from a different model guitar. hopes this helps. thanks again.
Mirage headstock1.jpg
The Triple single coils remind me of those ernieball musicman steve morse model
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