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How many?

If you are just going to make fun of my wrong spelling of 'giged' then seriously... blow me.
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I have not giged before.

EDIT: There's nothing there to blow.
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like fishing?

i have

gigging =/= jigging

I've played two informal shows. Cops raided both of 'em
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?


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Quote by Doppelgänger
I have not giged before.

EDIT: There's nothing there to blow.

So, you tried?
Once and again on friday.
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Haha, that was an epic pic battle. you are a worthy opponent

one time. it wasn't bad
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
Yeah, quite a few.
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live
three times
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I did it in the church confession booth. i jizzed all over the mesh in an attempt to hit the priest.
i need a band first
i've played with the worship band in front of my church if that counts lol(at least its gettin me some experience of playign in front of peeps.)
ive never gigged per se before. But i finally overcame my crippling misanthropy and performed with my cousin in front of people. We played a few Nirvana and Foo Fighters tracks for friends at a 'Rock School'. It was quite liberating but i still couldnt even attempt to sing for fear of messing up.

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a few times properly
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once, only played 2 songs tho, but there was like a school auditorium full, like 500 people.
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Wait, isn't a gig where you get paid?
I've played to crowds before but I've never gotten paid.
So the answer would be no.

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Warned for trolling!

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
Yes, many of times.
4 with my current band
3 with my other one.
2 with my other current band
and like 2 in school talent shows if those count.
I have like 2 more scheduled soon.
Quite a few, always get called up for gigs at local RAF bases, a few friends parents are in the RAF so when there's a party we normally get involved
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Yeah a few times a number of years ago.
...Bleep Bloop...
Hopefully sometime in the near future.
O.J. will kill you
I've played a gig, but never "gigged"

It was with my brother, how fun
I sang back up and people laughed cos it was "McLovin's Birthday Bash"
and I wore my "I am McLovin" shirt and got a neat haircut
and who thought McLovin would be able to growl so deep?

hah hah

I want to gig, (if I have a band),
but I'm afraid I'm going to 'accidentally' throw my bass at the drums at the end of a set
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Made my living at it back in the day. Toured the East coast for a couple of years.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
I've been playing gigs since I've been 12 and I'm 17 now. But I have no idea how many gigs I've played.
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You my friend, put the pwn in pwnt.

Hell Yeah
I have quite a few times.

Quote by Jackal58
Made my living at it back in the day. Toured the East coast for a couple of years.

If I may ask, what was the name of your band? My dad was a security guard at some concert halls in the early to mid '70s, so if you gigged around Boston around that time, he may well have done some of your shows.
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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0. I never have plans on it either. I came to this website to lern2guitar and then one day I hit The Pit and that was the end to my short lived guitar playing. I still play from time to time, but it just feels so boring now.
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