How long does it usually take to be able to keep good time?

I been working with a metronome the past couple of days and I can play 8th notes up until like 130BPM after that I kind of lose my place and it's really frustrating. I can only do it chromatically at the moment like going fret 1,2,3,4 to catch the beat. Anyone have any tips? things that helped you? im doing a gig in April and I wanna be able to keep in good time as I lack it alot.
Stop practicing chromatics and instead start practicing the songs you're going to be playing with it. Like you said, you want to learn to play in time and that's what the metronome is for...it's not a speedo.
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As Steven said, start practicing what you'll actually be playing. Definitely don't practice only fast stuff. If anything, practice things really slow on the click. That way you'll get a better understanding of what the notes are doing in relation to the actual beat on a smaller scale (like in 32nd notes, 64th notes). Then when you speed it up, it will automatically be easier.
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Once you get good at keeping things in time with say the metronome going on every beat, try changing it so that you only get a click on beats 2 and 4 or jsut on the downbeat. Practice scales and such in triplets and such. Also playing songs to it would be a good plan, solos especially.
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