so i have an ibanez artcore semi-hollow body and the screw thing that holds the part you wou.d plug the cord into fell off and the piece fell inside the hollow body part. the only way inside is thru the holes or the small hole where the cord should be going. its hard to see in there and im worried about breaking other wires inside the guitar. does anyone have any idea of a good way to get it back out? ive been trying a hanger wire but not really any luck. also, this has happened before and it took a couple hours of shaking till it finnaly fell semi into place, so id like an easier way

btw i know my terminology is horrible
nope, a hanger, flashlight, gum on a hanger tip, shaking the guitar, is the way.

in the future, add a locking washer behind the output jack nut, to save you from any future headaches.

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