A buddy of mine and I used to play in Metal bands together. Now we're both serving the Lord Jesus and looking to do some praise and worship music with just the two us playing our Tacoma's and singing in small coffee houses and other small forums. As I said, it's just the two of us and neither of us have an acoustic amp yet…thus the reason for this request for help.

A real nice guy at GC suggested the Fishman SoloAmp PRO-AMP-SL1 Amplification System, but it didn't have any built in effects for neither the vocal nor guitar. We're looking for something that of course is reasonably priced, but also has all the bells and whistles so that we only have to carry a nominal amount of gear with us. In other words...we want to walk in with our amps, guitars, and a small duffle bag with mics, cords and a couple of mic stands.

I've heard the Fender Acoustisonic's and the Roland’s and I didn't like the "transistory" sound they were giving off. I did however like the Behringer Ultracoustic ACX900 because of the effects on both channels. We're very conscience of our vocals as well as the guitars, so we really want amps that have the "built in effects" on "both channels"; guitar and vocals. How about the Marshall's? I've read nothing but great reviews. I really don't want the big AS100D (even though it’s gorgeous and sounds great on the guitar channels) because it looks like just too much, but I believe it has what I'm looking for as far as the effects are concerned on both channels. What about the Marshall AS50D? Do they have the effects on both channels?

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks-Jason in Fresno
buy a small pa system.

it's going to be the most versatile.

a suggestion would be a moderately priced yamaha.
or used separates.

i would NOT buy the behringer.
i do think the Roland has its advantages, but is suited for one player.
i wouldnt bother lugging around the marshall
and one of the best, if you are looking at acoustic amps is SWR brand.

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