I have my eye on either a Fender American Strat or an Ibanez Jem 555. Given the choice, what would you go for? Or possibly a completely different model for around the same price range (£800 maximum)

to everyone slagging off my amp : it's basically used as a power amp as i run all the tone and effects through my podxt live which sounds awesome
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what kind of music do you play?
...urge to say get a new amp, but won't.

and the jem555 is pretty much a shitty rg with the name JEM P on it
um well those are two completely different guitars.
whats your genre and amp?
EDIT: nvm i see the spider.
um, dont put an american strat or a jem through a spider, just dont.
split the money and buy a new guitar and a new amp, you'll be so much happier.
my main genre is classic rock / hard rock but i've got a les paul for that. i want a guitar basically for soloing / shredding
Guitars :
Fender American Stratocaster
Jackson RR3
Ibanez S470
Epiphone Les Paul
JEM for shreding
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Play with some soul, get the strat Just kidding, but really... I see Ibanez like PRS, as the bridge between Les Pauls and Strats. Yeah, its a huge generalization, but they have the chunk and sometimes the twang.. But I'm a Fender lover, so get the strat, it will make you not want to shred.
imo the RG, if your going to be better then jem, you don't go cheap...And the hard ware and overall build quality is better on the RG. It is a prestige after all X)
You'd be surprised what kind of shred tones you can get out of a strat, but personally if you're going shred, then I would check out some Charvels (basically a strat for shredding) or an Ibanez. Hey, and if you like your tone I'm not gonna tell you to change your amp, so, if you're happy with it then who cares?
that RG is appealing, but IMO the scratchplate is ugly. If i were to buy a scratchplate off the internet somewhere, how much would the shop charge me roughly to fit it?
so it already comes fitted with a mirror pickguard? because that is what i was going to change it to lol