Im 16, and have decided that i would like to get my motorcycle license and then buy a bike. I figure i could probably save up enough money to buy a bike in about a year when i get a better job and will be searching for a street bike. My main concern is the cost of insurance. Can anybody tell me what kind of bikes i should be looking at in order to get low rates? I would rather get a sporty crotch-rocket style bike such as the Kawasaki Ninja 250R but am concerned that the insurance will be super high on these bikes. Does anybody have any tips on what i can do and look for in a bike to get low rates? Also anybody have any suggestions for a good beginner bike?
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If you can get your hands on a RS125 then i'd go for that. I raced many 250's and was only beaten once. Change the can and its the quickest little bike you can get for your age group. Insurance wasn't bank breaking either
I had a Yamaha RXS100 at 16. It cost £150 to insure in the first year and it was a fantastic little bike to use

to be honest, you don't really need anything above 100cc as your first bike
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where do you live?

If America, 250 is the smallest you should get and still expect to be able to go on the freeway, ever.

The ninja 250's are really really nice beginner bikes, and they arent bad with insurance. Honestly insurance isnt bad unless you get a supersport or hypersport style bike.
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