Check our myspace page for all of our music. My second guitarist/best friend since birth is in Ohio State right now so we dont get to record til christmas and will post up when we get new stuff up. But we got a LOT of great stuff to record.


Criticism is welcome
its not bad but its kinda generic. Try to make it more original and interesting and a singer would also make it better. its not bad though.
sounds like you guys got a solid base, but YOU NEED TO FREAK OUT MORE!!!!! lol

Seriously though, if you'd throw some more technique into the riffs it'd sound bitchin'. **** dude, have some fun... throw in a pinch harmonic or trill or bend or something!!! SPICE IT UP!!!
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haha most definitely, most of our new stuff has some hot shit you'd probably enjoy, and i seriously am EAGER to record but i'm waiting for my second guitarist...
Like as far as quality of sound goes, how does it sound? Myspace dosent normally have great quality, were on iLike and Facebook too. Facebooks quality from iLike sounds a LOT better
Not a bad sound at all! I really enjoyed "I know you love me" I think I got that right. Not really my kind of music a little to Blink 182 for me, but very good none the less. The sound quality is good and it is mixed very well. Great job guys, I do agree it needs more "noodle" riffs to make it really pop.
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haha thanks! were working on that one when my second guitarist comes back, lotsss of changes... for the good!