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B.C. Rich ASM Pro
3 20%
12 80%
Voters: 15.
I'm looking to get a new guitar in the 600-800 doller range. Between myself and a friend, we've picked out a few options. I play metal, and I want the guitar to have a double-locking trem.
So heres the options:

Ibanez S470DXQM
ESP LTD MH400 (Butt-ugly, but good other than that)
Jackson DKMG Dinky

or i could get a slighty more expensive guitar using my Guitar Center gift card and get a B.C. Rich ASM Pro
this one would have neck-through, EMG, and an origianl Floyd Rose

what does UG think i should buy?
ASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend has one. its one of the best BC Richs ive ever played. even though to some thats not sayin much, but it sounded awesome
i have the jackson dk2m, which is almost the same thing as the dkmg, except with solid color paint jobs, and a maple neck, and it's definitely my favorite guitar i have, compared to and epi les paul, jack rr3 v, and fender strat.
i have only tried out the Dinky, although it was rather badly set up.
i did actually like it, but its got a bolt on neck, which are not to great
I love the MH400, but I've never played the BC Rich.
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haha just being me I would suggest my own Ibanez ARX 140 ahhh... $700(NZ) of nothing inside...so light