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I'm selling my Jackson RR5, or looking for a trade with a Gibson or similar style (esp ec-1000 etc)
Perfect condition, no marks or dings!
EMG 81-85, gold hardware, custom shop paint job
Open to offers!
Located Newcastle UK.

thats an absolutely beutiful guitar. if i had the money id buy it from you defintely....but i dont. sorry
Thats absolutely ****ing gorgeous.

My god.

I just came.

Free bump for a gorgeous guitar...
How much were u planning on selling for?
Not that i could afford it lol.
OMG that is the most beautiful rr i've ever seen. Free bump

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I'd love that if it was in the US. awesome guitar, free bump.

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
That is gorgeous!
I cannot see any rational being parting with that guitar for any reason, and trading for another one just seems........ wrong.
Have you had your head checked lately?
The paint job on that RR is beautiful. Gotta say it beats the paint job on my RR24 custom, but not the appearance of it :P

thats sooo gorgeous

free bump
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If you have a guitar you think is of similar value and are up for trading, let me never know, i might like it
If I lived closer I'd trade you but I dont.. I've seen that RR on ebay I think, Was tempted to buy it then..
Great guitars, just got one last Friday, traded my EC-1000 for it. Definitely worth it.
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Where were you 4 months ago when I bought mine!
Sweet looking guitar!

Oh and have a free bump.

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I'd totally trade you my gibson sg (Special faded, I wish it was a standard) for it.

But I know you wouldn't go for it, plus I live in CA so, It'd be kind of a pain there as well. :\

So here's a free bump for one of the most amazing guitars every built. I applaud you
sorry bud, forgot to reply to you
Yeah sorry, really want another les paul and really dont like SG's!
It's fine don't worry about it. I love this guitar it looks great. And If I had the money I'd buy this this moment, [hear this a lot in these threads]

If you ever decide you may wanna trade for it. Just PM me and I'll show you all I can. I hope you sell it.

Here's a free bump.
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