In my politics class, we just learned about 8.5 bases of power. these are morality, charisma, religion, money, violence, knowledge, authority, size/solidarity (countries or groups only), and celebrity status. status is the .5 because according to my professor, you shouldn't be able to exercise power based on status. so, my question is, which 3 of these would you like to have in your own personal politics? which three wouldn't you want? why?

my three wanted:
charisma, knowledge, and morality

charisma because people woud want to follow me, knowledge so i know what i'm doing, and morality because the people would believe that i was right in my cause.

three not wanted:
religion, violence, money

religion because i don't believe in lying to people, or making them believe somehting i dont, violence because i hate to see people physically harm one another, and money because it leads to corruption.
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charisma-so people would want to follow me.
knowledge- so i know how to lead them correctly.
authority- so i would have respect from the people.

violence- unneeded, used by those who cant use words to lead
money-leads to greed, then corruption
religion-because that should have nothing to do with leading
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