I found alot out today
As i went along my way
I found out some secrets
That some wouldnt like me to tell
Because there's a high in the sky
That feels as low as my feets decline
And no one flies round the sun
They just weep under the willow, living by the water

I flew under a dark wing
Where the pendulum forever swings
It swings bodies of madness
That gracefully flow through the air
And a breeze picks up the scent
It sends a message of what a hungry man lent
And the message becomes graver
When the favor never returms, not even comes near

The fire consumes the bird
So all turns to hurt
And if you think that you have suffered
With those blood stains on your shirt
You will have to try harder
Even if the sky turns darker
Cause if your hope never fades
Theres still a chance you'll see the sun shine again

Some worms are meant to rot
Because they never gave a thought
That the flaming bird
might happen to turn them down
But some venture above the rest
And give hope against the eagles nest
Thats when they find the sky
And a new world unfolds
And now some fly around the sun
Never shot down by the gun
They fly as they cry
With all the other stars, that grace the brightened night
Yea that's right, I want something to explode

I've been deaf, now I want noise