I tried a search on this and it came up rather goofy...

I'm looking for a good reverb pedal. I'm playing through an Epiphone Valve Standard (and possible a Blues Custom in the future) and to be honest, the onboard reverb isn't all that great.

Dunno what it's like on the Blues Custom, but being similar amps, I'm not placing any bets on it.

A friend of mine let me borrow his Holy Grail, and a Digitech Digiverb. Of the two, definitely like the Holy Grail better. I also noticed it's one of the most referred to pedals on here, BUT I want to know what else is out there before I finally settle on choosing one. Is the Holy Grail plus worth it for the extra control and "room" setting? Holy Stain? Any other manufacturers I should look out for?
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