When i was younger i used to surf but i live a fair distance from the beach so it was short-lived. but alas, the HSC is drawing to a close and i am going to take surfing up again. There are just a few questions i was hoping some people could answer.

Firstly, how important is a tail pad? At the moment my board hasn't got one. Will my grip decrease dramatically if i simply apply wax instead of a pad?

Secondly, i am about 194cm tall (6'4"). I measured my board at around the 6' 9" mark. Does the size of the board require an optimum weight for suitable balance?

Any help will be much appreciated
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Stomp pads help but it's not a necessity. People have been surfing hundreds of years without them so you'll be fine. A bigger board will be more balanced and it will also paddle easier BUT it will be a much slower ride. If you just want to chill and hang ten then a longer board may be the way to go but if you want to try some tricks or have a really fast ride then get a shortboard. Another thing to consider is wave size in your area. Bigger boards usually ride small choppy waves fine while shortboards have trouble there and vice versa for big surf.
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