Where can I go to learn about guitars in general? Like what a Fender feels like compared to a Gibson, or a strat compared to a telecaster or an SG. Epiphone to Gibson, etc. stuff like that. Is there a thread or a site I can get a lot of that on?
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Best way it to get first hand experience by playing as many as you can.
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Play them.

It's the only real way to learn.
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Oh and if you're reading threads, don't listen to the people that are biased and don't give a reason why they don't like a certain aspect of the guitar.
+1 for everyone else here. experience is the best way to find it all buddy...
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A very high percentage of people on this forum don't always give the right information. If you learn who to listen to, then you'll probably get some descent information. Not only this forum, but a lot of forums will help you gain more knowledge. I myself am on about 6 different forums everyday, both talking to people and reading up on certain things.

Rather then just learning from guitar forums, I'd try trying out as much stuff as you can. Doing this will most likely leave you gasing for alot of things though, but it's not like everybody else dosn't do the same thing.