ok so i just got a slide today and now am trying to adapt it to free bird... just got a few questions and im gonna use this tab as an example


ok so

1) when it say 8>7 i know i slide over those notes put it does not project the sound out that well so do i pick the string as well as sliding and if so when do i pick the string?

2) should i cover all of the strings with the slide or just the B string or cover the E and B?

When you are sliding, your slide should only just come into contact with the strings, like it's resting on them. You shouldn't be touching the actual frets with the slide at all. Yes, you are meant to pick the string when playing slide, otherwise you won't be getting any sound at all. For the 8>7, you would have your slide at the 8th fret, pick it, then slide down to the 7th.

You can do whatever feels more comfortable for you, I find I have to have my hand in a funny position with the slide to only cover the E and B string, so I usually cover all of them.
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