I'm looking to get a versatile sound out of my Blackheart or Valveking (whichever I decide to keep!)
I'd definitely want an overdrive to throw in front of the driven amp to get a beefy hard rock sound.
Sometimes I also am going to want a thinner, cleaner, high-gain distortion. For example, take a quick listen to the sample from my friends "The Photograph" in my profile (although I hope to get something that sounds a bit less digital).

Would that be possible with a nice overdrive and an eq? (probably the m-108)
or is there a pedal that would do both well?
Or would I be better off getting a separate pedal to use on the clean channel?

Thanks for any thoughts.
You could do that thin sound with an eq (don't know why you'd want to though).
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Maybe a Jakle (sp?) and hyde (again sp?) pedal, they are overdrive and dist. in one. Or maybe just a (I hate to say this du to the fact that I hate the company) boss overdrive/dis. pedal?
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keep both and get this http://www.morleypedals.com/daby.html
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