Me and my friends are going to Europe and we wanna go to 1 or 2 rock festivals...
what are the most popular festivals that are? our type of music is also : especially Classic Rock (but there wont be any match for this right? ) , Audioslave, Bob dylan, jack johnson, david bowie , foo fighters , gunsNroses, RHCP , MUSE (!!!!) , oasis , pearl jam , radiohead, porcupine tree, u2 ... - anyway we're really open to alot of types of rock (just not emo, Death metal and all that ****ing heavy stuff)...

what do you recommened? which festival brings the most quality bands?

thank you
love the american..'im just hopping over to europe' thing.

Might want to go to glastonbury, reading, t in the park
There is always Ruisrock in finland?
My gear so far >.>
Schecter Synyster standard
crappy BC rich bronze series warlock

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