Does anyone have the full compilation of these? I used to have a folder with a whole bunch of them but I can't find it and all the links I find on the internet are broken. There are a few on youtube, but I remember there being a lot more. If anyone has any, please let me know. There might be a reward. But probably not.

btw this is the guy:

WTF is Sp00n/killmyself jokes

*spawns flameshield*
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What the hell does that have to do with freeing whales from pirates?
ok i know this thread is old as hell...but...i've been on a crazy search of a couple of killmyself/sp00n prank calls. My buddy burned it on a cd for me which i lost and idk if he still has it. Im looking for the long 10min one that starts off about a car race and geo metro on 13", later it goes "you ever fall on an ihop skillet and burn your nipple and now they call you pancake nipple". Through out the prank he screams "black power". If these sound familiar then you definitely know which one I'm talking about. If anyone has this stored somewhere on there computer let me know. It's impossible to find and does not exist on the internet. Thanks.
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Holy shit, for a second I thought my time machine worked

Holy shit, for a second I thought I was reading a youtube comment.
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Holy shit, for a second I thought I was reading a youtube comment.

Holy shit, the guy had a point.