Hey everybody! I've just finished recording a new tune called "These Times". I'd love to hear what you think of it. It's posted on my MySpace page...the link is in my sig. Crit 4 Crit as always! Thanks for listening...

I like the chorus with the notes that are held a long time. You did a nice job melodically with this song. Sometimes the singing is a little pitchy, but that's ok, it's nothing major. Plus, I imagine you sang and played at the same time when recording. Good performance, and it feels heartfelt. I'm not sure if I like the doubling of the vocals, it just sounds kinda funny in spots, but not bad.

The lyrics are interesting too, they flow nicely. Very cool song.
This is a nice tune, the lyrics are meaningful and the chord progression complements the whole vibe. It's a good performance of the song, plenty of passion within the playing and the singing.. IMO it's an overall good tune.


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thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate it. I've just rerecorded the vocals and I like them much better than the previous version. They're still kind of pitchy in places but I feel that they've improved quite a bit. Thanks again for the feedback.