Hey guys, this is my first time in the forums, aka first post. So hi everyone

Well anyways, do the old, classic celluloid picks have more grip than the new premium ones? I bought a gross of custom printed classic celluloid picks which haven't come in the mail yet, but today I tried premium celluloid picks for the first time in-depth, and they slip all over my fingers.

So if my new batch of 144 picks slides like these premium fenders do, I'm not gonna be too happy >
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should've done your research ahead of time... i guess you'll find out.

+1 to this. Why do people always ask questions like this when it's too late?
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you could always use a soldering iron to make grooves in the picks
Yay fibonacci!

I personally like Dunlop Tortex Picks, I think they have the best grip. Celluloid generally slips out of my hand when I play a lot, since my fingers can get a little sweaty. But yeah not to sure about the difference between premium and classic, sorry.
Well I'd played with Celluloid before, just not for long periods of time. I mean let's get real here, who would sit down and try out every type of pick to see whether or not they slip out of your hand. And yea I apparently sweat too.

Celluloid has been the standard material in most picks for a long time now. I believe it was one of the first materials ever used to make guitar picks. So I figured I'd have no problem with it. I guess I'll just have to wait and see then
ok, for my serious reply.

i used to be a fender 351 standard medium/thin fanboy. i loved them. good feel. however, i felt that they wore away much too quickly, and if i had a good playing pick(yes i'm a bit of a superstitious/karma oriented person) it would be gone in no time. so, i bought a dozen of the .60 mm dunlop tortex picks, and i fell in love all over again. they last amazingly long, with wear-time being much less than the 351's. also, i felt the grip fo the tortex picks was much better than the 351's. i believe to get a more mellow/bassier tone from the tortex's than the 351's, but i prefer that anyways, and the tortex's give a good punch-tone.

long story short, the 351's are good, but i feel the tortex's are better (for me at least)