I'm the guitarist in my band and I don't like one of our song's titles. It's called 'Metaphor'... it has nothing to do with what the song is about it's just that it's a metaphor but all lyrics are figurative and stuff it's kinda bad.

Does a guitarist get any say in a title? I think they should it's just that I have no better suggestions (but that I should because I am the guitar player and not the singer)
if you dont have any better suggestions, they wont listen.

If you can get 1 they will (or should) if they are reasonable.
All members should have a say in what goes on with every aspect of the band, compromise if you have to. Otherwise you have a dictatorship, and not a bunch of musicians enjoying what they do.
In my band, it's generally majority rules on most things except for band name, and some other things like that, where it's a unanimous decision. But yeah, a guitarist should get some say in what the song names should be.

And if you have no better suggestions, why are you complaining? Think of some!!