Is it a good guitar, this will be my secong guitar, and im pretty sure that the futura fx is the one i want, but i thought I'd just ask for comments first to see what other people think about it. Please and Thank You.
I own the futura fx the one with the floyd and I would advise against it. The electronics besides the pickups are garbage, the screws on the floyd and locking nut strip within a month (easy fix), the floyd is really prone to oscillation (like most floyds) but the kicker, there is a massive hollowed out spot underneath the pick gaurd which makes the guitar very prone to feedback and echoes all bumps and knics on the guitar through the amplifier.

The good sides are the EMGs, 24 frets, relatively good neck and frets, stable tuning.

So its up to you, but I would really suggest looking towards another brand. My two cents.