I have been playing guitar for about a year now, and I've been using A Squier Strat, and I know this thing sounds horrible and its time for me to move up a little bit. I want a guitar that would be good for Rock, nothing like Death Metal or any of that but something that is a little bit versatile as well.
I honestly believe that I don't know enough about guitars to really choose without later regretting it. I don't want to spend more than 500$, and honestly, I'm no big fan of Ibanez, I've played several of them and I've never felt physically comfortable with one.

Epiphone would seem like a great choice, but as I said before, I don't know enough to choose well.

Deans are a definent no, I hate the physical appearance of them.

Maybe Epiphone, Fender, or Jackson, but there are other brands out there. Just no Ibanez or Deans.

Please name a guitar, not a company, that doesn't help much.
I probably sound like a broken record, but Agile AL, whichever you can afford, but the 3000 is best. Find them on this site: rondomusic.com
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There are some decent Epiphone LPs out there. If you get the Epiphone LP Special II then you have around $300 on a nice amp.
I started out on a secondhand Epi Les Paul and I must say it still sounds great and has served me well and I will never get rid of it. So, I would go with a Epi LP or an HSS Mexi Strat. Or, you could just go try out a bunch of axes and see which one you like best. Always try before you buy, and don't buy unless you're absolutely in love with the instrument.
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The first one he suggested (The Fat Strat) is $400, and it has an amazingly versatile tonal range. Not to mention it's a Fender and built extremely well. I'd go for that one.
id go for a jackson JS20 dinky as it is really veratile and it sounds pretty good, read the reviews. Or maybe a schecter omen 6 or revenger