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LINK: http://media.myfoxchicago.com/foxjox/voting.html

Please help my school out by voting for the fourth option, "Saint Charles East vs Saint Charles North" so that our football game on Friday can be covered by Fox news. It's our big ZOMG CROSS-TOWN CLASSIC. [It's a big deal. ] East is our biggest rival.

North is gonna kick East's ass on Friday, and it would be pretty rockin' if we could do it on TV. So... help by voting for us, please! We're in first place right now, but Palatine vs Hoffman Estates is creeping up on us, and they're a bunch of buttheads, so don't let them win.

And, uh, don't be an asshole and vote for the other schools, kthnx.

Cookies for whoever votes for North vs. East!

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my school did this against our rival and won by only like 3%. it was awesome. And we murdered tehre team in the football game.

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i konw a kid that goes to St. Charles North. what grade are you in?
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i konw a kid that goes to St. Charles North. what grade are you in?

Sophomore, but I know a lot of people in all grades. What's your friend's name? PM it if you don't want to post it here.