when ever i play guitar, my pick eventually slides sideways out of my fingers so im basicly picking with a sideways pick. my pick is a dunlop gator grip 2.0 which helps a little but it still happens. i hold the pick with the side of my pointer finger and with my thumb.

am i doing something wrong?
have you tried different picks? different sizes? like jazz picks, or you can try Dunlop Jazz III's, those don't raelly move on you
try not to attack the strings as hard, hold the pick lightly enough to control it but tight enough so it doesnt slide out.
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It's more of hold the base of the pick tighter, but still allow some movement. What shape is your pick?
it's gonna happen for a while, listen to these guys advice ^^

and keep practicing a lot and eventually it won't really happen
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In all seriousness, most of the above advice'll work.
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Personally, I find Gator Grips to be quite slippery. Ultex is the best material grip-wise and feel. That said, maybe this guitar god can help.
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i use nylon picks, they tend to stick very well. Also i sometimes grip with 3 fingers, tends to keep the pick in one direction.
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I had this problem. I found gripping just firm enough to hold it but not overgripping helps. Plus don't attack the strings, you want to be relaxed and fluid. Does this happen more when you do chords? Try to strum lightly, i found this helps with clarity of play anyway.
Do you hold the pick like this?

Or like this?

I used to hold it like like in the second picture and it always moved, but its stays where it is in the first picture. Theyre Jazz III's btw, try em they're pretty good
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I had the same problem when I started, I think for a while I was scoring picks with the tip of a knife, but the problem just went away... I guess I started using a firmer grip. I use heavy dunlop jells and sometimes ultex picks of a similar thickness.