Recorded/wrote this with Creative Mind Multimedia. let me know how you like it? vocals coming soon, the solo is quiet, i dont know that i really fits, its just there to be there.


its the top song.


I need a good screamer to lay down some vocals for this, must be good quality. anyone?
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How did you record the guitars? They sound suitably beefy, even if the tone isn't quite to my taste.

It's pretty good on the whole, I like the synth work, but I thought the drums were a little under-represented in the mix, they're sometimes drowned out by the guitars.

Nicely done, I'd love to hear it with vocals.
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Hey thanks for the crit dude-

This is a pretty heavy song, I think you got the sound you were going for. You have good rhythm and the synth really helps to add atmosphere to the song. My favorite parts were the harmonized sections around 2min and again before the solo. I think the solo could fit a little better, but thats definitely the right place to have it. Song structure is good and I thought the outro was very well done. Good work on this and the rest of your tracks, keep it up.

BTW- your lead work in dream circle is impressive
Very, very good. I can hear the Linkin Park influences :P I also love how it took a different turn into the chorus, almost a different genre. Good blend! The synths fit perfectly, as Supralightning said, it really gives the whole song a great atmosphere. The solo is well played, but doesn't really fit in. It's a little too ... Crazy? :P The mixing is great, very ear-pleasant. Good outro too.

Crit mine?
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pretty sick song man, the intro techno thing sounded cool and the chorus section sounded great, and the riffs in general were fitting.
i think you need to back off the gain a touch, but for the most part it was still quite heavy, it just needs a bit more of a thicken to it. nice sweeps in the solo, but it didn't fit as well as it couldve, give that some work and itll be great
Well that rythym was excellent, really liked it and the drum work. And the guitar solo was great.