Does anyone have any experience with finishing spansih cedar? Do you need to grain fill it? My pieces seem to be slightly pourus, but maybe thats just light tearing (not far in to the sanding process... just did a quick once over with 100 grit so I oculd see the grain). How does it react to stains or oils?

Here are some pictures

Never worked with this kind of wood, so I'm just looking for a heads up on what to expect from it. I would like to be prepared, even though I'm not even close to finishing yet.

Also, I understand its a rather warm sounding wood (mahogany like yeah?) so what would be good pickups to use with it? I'm thinking of dual humbuckers with coil splits and a piezo (ghost) bridge. Any thoughts?

The necks are gunna be done some time soon, I will have 3 spanish cedar necks with wenge fretboards and 2 solid wenge necks. Theres also an SG type body not in the pictures... hence the 5 necks.