So this is something I wrote about a man who kills his wife.
Any feedback?

‘Till Death

Verse 1:
Tell me, what’s your mood today?
Tell me, which games you’re going to play?
Tell me, what you’re going say?
How did you turn into this?

We used to laugh and sing,
It was those perfect days in spring.
Your words never meant a thing,
Those days were forever bliss.

But the days are getting long,
And your words are getting strong.
This life is turning wrong,
All I can do is reminisce.

Because a man should be free,
Of the stress you’re giving me.
Tonight you fall asleep,
Tomorrow the world will weep.

You brought this on yourself,
There’s no way you can help.
You said it from the start,
‘Till death do us part.

Verse 2:
It may be a desperate measure,
But it’s going to give me pleasure.
Your pain will be my leisure,
I’m going to show no remorse.

Tonight your life will end,
And down to hell you will transcend.
My actions I'll always defend,
Because it’s cheaper than divorce.

I’ll smother this pillow in your face,
So I can say you died with grace.
Then you’ll vanish without a trace,
Because I’ll eat your f***ing corpse.
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I like it.
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