so ive been playin guitar for a few months now and iv started to get into learnin full songs and not just the shitty ones my guitar teacher gives me and i was just wonderin what you reckon the easiest ways of memorising songs is, do u break it up into bits and learn it bit by bit or just play through the entire song over and over till u get it.
thanks for you help
well actually, do both! learn one bit at a time, but as you learn each bit, add it on to the stuff you already know, and play through everything, until you have the whole song.

but it is all personal choice in the end what to do though.
i generally memorize about anywhere from 5 to 15 notes at a time. i break things up into little sections

remember to play it over and over til you can play it without thinking about it or looking at it.
i like to listen to the song a few times, and then go through it and figure out most of the song and then add in the little bits that aren't as easy as i go along, it's probably not the best way but works for me..
I break it up into phrases.

The length of each phrase depends on the difficulty.
If it's an easy rock song, I might learn a verse at a time. If it is something really complicated, I learn it a few bars at a time.

And ALWAYS slow it down by at least half while you are still learning it.

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