Ok, well I have some drum triggers. My drummer and I do, i should say.
We have a Trigger to Midi converter as well.

I was just wondering if I would be able to put the midi out on the converter into the midi input for my Digitech GNX 3 which has a drum machine. And I was wondering if I'd be able to make it work, like hook up the output from the GNX through a P.A and work it that way?

Thanks for any help.
The MIDI controls setting parameters only in the Digitech GNX 3 IIRC. It would just be a heck of a lot easier to get yourself an Alesis Trigger I/O and run that to a computer...

Roland TD series drum modules are also great and don't require the computer. They are a little high in price though...

There's also the Alesis D4 (Stay away from the DM5 and DM Pro) which are low in price if you can get one on ebay. They are drum modules like the Rolands but with slightly less features and "not-so-great" sounds...
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hmm thanks. the Trigger to Midi converter is a Roland TCM-6 or something like that.
I managed to get a midi sound through keyboard but it sounded too artificial (guitar pro like)

I'll have a look into what you recommended