hey guys, i'm going to be upgrading my amp pretty soon and i've been hearing nothing but good about the roland cube amps.

I never really gave thought to them but after watchin this video review http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=t7J3caoAvXE (WARNING: The guy who reviews the amp is so annoying, just his head sh*ts me!) but dam that amp looks pretty sweet?!?!

Im definately going to try it out when i go to test amps soon.

Initially i thought that amps with built in effects instantely sucked balls (from what i hear about spider line 6 amps) but i wanted to buy effect stomp boxes as well as an amp, in the same purchase but if this amp is good in both cases why not nail it?

Your thoughts on the amp guys??? Ty!

Also how much do they go for in Australia roughly?
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i played one and the sounds it produces are great IMO,but the effects are mediocre..just dont get if for the effects.from what i heard pedals dont go well with SS amps, but ive never tried it.
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I spend a great deal of time with the whole cube line and I have to say I am nothing short of impressed with them. These things deliver anything from a loud, punchy distortion, to a good clean ride and acoustic simulater. the effects are nothing really to write home about but unless your gigging a lot, I don't find it to be a big deal. If your wanting good effects get either a vox AD100VT-XL or anything line 6, there effects on amps are the best built in effects you can get in an amp (sort of "the tallest midget" thing if you know what I mean ) but honestly, if you want something loud and tough as a brick, get this amp. if your a tonally correct person, consider saving up for orange...or ENGL
cube are good for what they are. the best cube in the line being the cube 30, imo.

they are dependable, good for practice, and help players find their tone.

as you move to the 60, you start to move out of the practice amp zone and should ask yourself, "what is this amp for?"

if you need an amp for full band practice, yes the cube 60 can handle.
But, if you are at the point where, you are in a full band, maybe it's time to start thinking about a small tube combo.
keeping in mind that in some countries, a used classic 30 tube amp is the same price as a new cube 60.
you dont want an amp you'll outgrow in 6 months.

so, make sure you get the best amp for your situation.

if you dont think you're ready for a tube amp, and feel like the cube 30 wont have enough volume for your needs. then yes, the cube 60 is a good choice.

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