hello. i'm a rookie and i'd like some advice. i own a squier affinity tele which i upgraded with a little '59 seymour duncan humbucker. it's my first guitar and i think it's about time to move to a decent one . i recently read a lot of encouraging reviews on lite ash stratocaster. since i haven't found any to try and mostly because of the high prices (sadly i'm from greece) i'm thinking of buying one from an online store. a lot of people are complaining about differences on quality and weight of these guitars. the price of lite ash in greece reaches the price of a highway one in an online store. so here lies the question: lite ash from a store or highway one from an online store. my third option is to order a lite ash online and ''have faith''...! which one do you think is more suitable for '70s and '80s hard rock and metal? which one is the best overall? should i take the risk of online shopping? i'm sorry if that's a a lot of questions but i'm stuck.
thanks for your patience...
My friend has a highway 1 and is very pleased with it, that's all I can offer though as I haven't played a lite ash before.
Lite ash is a pretty good guitar, has a nice neck (bird eye maple) I think or atleast the one i tried did.. I went for the highway one though (the older model dont like the new ones with 70's headstock)