alright heres whats going on.

im in the junior school band at my school and we just lost all of our singers because they quit

the only problem is that that means no-one knows how to sing the songs we do

so all that practice has gone down the drain

so now the keyboardist has stepped in and decided to sing and she's good and all but only knows one of the songs

so can you tell me a few songs that sound good and are easy to play so we can get a few songs down.

also remember its a chick in yr 9 singing and shes into all the jonas hoes shit so no "i cum blood" or stupid shit like that

thanks if you can help
Well...it would be nice to know what genre of music you're playing....

And seriously, reconsider the no I Cum Blood..
whats wrong with the old songs?
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Nah, umm...what kinda music you guys doing?
If it's like a Jazz Band (like most school bands try to be), play Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. It's simply and easy to improv over.

If you just need songs that are recognisable from any genre, just play some 70's rock songs.
Simple to learn and play.
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I preferred your old stuff TS, I think you're selling out by going in this new direction.
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I preferred your old stuff TS, I think you're selling out by going in this new direction.

ahh what kinda old stuff lol

if you mean the old songs we had 3 i think and they were

californication - RHCP

thiis is me - devi lavito

everywhere - michelle branch

yea i think so the only one we are gunna do from theem is this is me becasue she can sing it

so i think that might have givin you an idea abbout the genre