I've always wondered, "What does everyone on here tend to write about?"

My lyrics tend to revolve around alcohol and drug use (Drinking Slave, The Warren, A Day To Remember), love (Love Junkie, naturally), relationships (my new, untitled piece) and ballads/storytelling (The Holy Crusade, The Ballad of the Shadow Ninja).

So... what do YOU tend to write about?
The songs i write usually tend to be about abuse of power and stuff.
I don't know really, i guess if i have a strong opinion about something i try and put it into a song.
Well whatever I'm feeling, love, hate, sorrow. Personally it's hard for me to write without the mindset.
hmm usaully hate here, or misery either one, i dunno i kinda suck at song writing im still new and my lyrics are hell corny like.

I bite at my wrist,
blood to be spilled,
i gnaw on my fist,
until i am fufilled.

In my domain,
all there is, is pain!.

><, sry i didnt mean to put lyrics in here but i had to show an example, there suppost to be metal like songs so watev.
I tend to write about some strange things which i myself not really understand)
mostly tis love, in all the ways it can appear, but much more i like poetry about shit which happens around us (unfauthfulness, sex, stupid children and parents who doesn't care, alcohol, drugs, nature, girls) and many other things))
my mindsetting is several litres of beer (5-10), friends, sometimes beer can be replaced by vodka, a pen and a paper, and it doesn't matter what will be the song about)))
as i think if song has a sens and the reason for being written it is marvelous))
Quote by ginjaninja
hatred, self pity, loneliness, lust.

im a pretty depressed person.

somebody love me.

aw *hugs*
I probably differ from most where I like to write about anything except what I'm going through. Kinda the 'Paul McCartney' school of lyric writing. He tended to write about other people rather than himself. I'm the same. Or I'll take something that someone else is doing/going through and just put myself in the situation and write from that head-space.
Knock, Knock

Who's there?

I Fucked your sister
Im new to writing but i usually write about hardships that others go through, and stupid things that stupid people do to try and be "cool".
Cynical stuff, a little bit of political stuff. Whatever I feel like.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me