Hi all

I'm seriously thinking about buying the IBANEZ AF105SM-ABR online, from thomann.de. link This means that I cannot actually try the guitar before it arrives, and although I know that this is risky (and I myself have spoken against doing this sometimes), I just cannot get any of the artcore series guitars in my country (no local music shop has them, unbelievably :S), and it would be too expensive for me to actually go abroad to buy it. Now on the site, it gives quite a good amount of specifications, but doesn't mention fret size. I usually play either large or medium frets, and am not too comfortable with small frets, since my hands aren't exactly small.

Can anyone tell me what size the frets on this guitar are? From the pictures it looks like medium, but I really cant be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
ibanez website?

Yeah they medium frets
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