Chords that make you REACH... because when I try throe my wrist hurts.
I have my thumb below half of behind giutar too....
It's just an experience thing, your wrist will hurt, just like your fingers hurt, youll develop less and less pain as you gain more experience. just wait until you learn barre chords. lol
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it might hurt in the beginning, but watch out for straining your wrist
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Sorry to beat a dead horse, but like the other guys said, it takes practice. My wrist used to kill when I first started. Just make sure to take appropriate breaks when the pain gets to be too much. Unless you have some physical condition your wrist will get more used to the strain.
Yup, I experience pain as well after a few hours of playing. Barre chords are also quite a bit of pain. Like what the others said, take care not to injure your wrist. Take breaks and rest the wrist, a little soreness is normal, but if your getting sharp stabbing pains, something might be wrong.
It's fine. As long as the pain is more of a discomfort than actual pain. Pain is bad. Discomfort is good. There's a fine line between the two. Knowing the boundaries is important. Ignoring discomfort is normal. Ignoring pain can lead to problems in the future.
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