I learned about half of my songs through transcribing (when i say songs, i mean like a riff, or a good part), and the other half through tabs. WHen you were starting out, how did you learn the songs?
My older brothers freind played guitar for a while and tought me some stuff when he found out i was learning. then i got some lessons through the school music program. Tabs and online stuff and then another guitar teacher ontop of school and tab. then i started to learn from ear
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when i first started my dad told me the basics then i bought a book that realy helped an then just tabs and books and dvds and also this site haha
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i find trying to transcribe really hard for some reason

lol everybody does, but sooner or later we will get it, we just need to train our ears.

when i begin (and still do) i learn by tabs, thats kinda the only way a person can learn to play songs (unless they have played another instrument before)
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