currently i play through an epiphone G400, and have 500 pound ( bout $1000) to spend on upgrades.

there are 2 routes i can take, but am unsure which to take. the music i play is mostly the likes of metallica, guns etc but also i like to play clean.

Route A

i can keep the epi, install EMG 81/85 combo, and upgrade my amp. im currently playing through a vox ad15vt...which i know isnt that good but i bought it as a beginner.

Route B

invest in a new guitar. ideas are welcome..but i feel that i would hinder the actuall quality of the guitar with my poor amp...

thanks in advances..any other routes are welcome
new guitar and new amp.
guitar is up to you.
vox valvetronix series, look into them. there fairly cheap and sound amazing for what you play
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dont ruin your epi. get a new one, and a new amp
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Quote by ihavenoname93
dont ruin your epi. get a new one, and a new amp

emg's would ruin my epi? :s
I would say A. You've got a pretty nice guitar, and if you like it, throwing a set EMGs there a paring them with a new amp should give some good results. But if you feel like you're guitar is holding you back - don't force yourself to play it, get a new instrument.
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1 - get a new amp

2 - don't get EMG's, they don't suit what you want to play anyway, get new pickups by all means, just don't get EMG's.
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