hey guys, ive heard about this company burgera. they seem pretty good, but i dont currently have accsess to one, so i was wondering if anybody here owns/has played one before. thanks
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There's a review of the cheapest one in this month's guitar world (with James Hetfield or Kirk Hammett on it) and they like it a lot. Of course, they also say that Edge III bridges stay in tune, so I guess they aren't completely reliable.
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i played one, was gonna buy one..
i thought it sounded very thin, even at fairly loud volumes..

it wasnt bad, but i think u really get what u pay for..
you get what you pay for man

the 6262 has a pretty nice gain channel, kinda saturated high gain sound but the clean channel is kinda muddy, and the overdrive just seems to make it more muddy

the 333 on the other hand has a nice clean channel, glassy and clear, the gian channel however is not great, the distortion sounds rather plastic and it has a sorta whiny-ness to it that you cant dial out.

the bugera brand speakers arent all that bad i gotta say, i played a Marshall head through one of their cabs and it was pretty good, especially for the money
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Nuff' Said.

Don't listen to him. ^.

They're good amps for the price you pay.
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Nuff' Said.

Distributed by Behringer, not made by them.

'Nuff said.
You shall listen to Kamelot.
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Distributed by Behringer, not made by them.

'Nuff said.
Wrong. Uli Behringer researched, designed and built all the Bugera tube amps.
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Wrong. Uli Behringer researched, designed and built all the Bugera tube amps.

this is correct.

and they are great amps.
i have had my 6262 since Jan after they came out and i love it!
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Even if they did doesn't mean this is a bad amp, behringer arent even a bad brand when you look at how much they manufacturer, and the prices they allow us to pay for it all...