hi everyone. I don't have a lot of filler, so I'll just get straight to the point.

I just got an Ibanez S5470 a few weeks back, and it's an amazing guitar. I love every aspect of it except for the pickups. they're not really bad, but they could be better to my ears. i'm planning on throwing in active EMGs. the only problem is, they're active while the guitar has passives. this is the first passive guitar i've had, so i just wanted to know if switching from passive to active was possible, and how to go about doing it.

please and thank you
I was thinking about replacing my EMG HZ's in my Damien 6 with the new split coil active EMG's. The guy at the shop I bought it from said the biggest issue is routing a compartment for the battery, so it sounded like it can be done pretty easily (especially if you can stick the battery somewhere without needing to route).
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As long as there's a place for the battery in there, it shouldn't be hard at all. Just follow the instructions and the wiring diagram, and be sure to replace the pots with the EMG ones.