So I posted a thread yesterday about my new Seymour Duncan pickups that I installed myself. Both the neck and the bridge were putting out sound, but it was very thin and weak, and extremely quiet. I figured out that this was because I needed to solder together the red and white wires (on these Duncans there are 5 wires and the red and white need to be put together to complete the circuit and make both coils of each humbucker work). So last night I took care of that and thought everything would be good to go. Well, the bridge pickup is working (there's a bit of hum but I figure that's to be expected with hotrodded pickups) but now the neck pickup isn't getting any signal. When I switch to just the neck pickup there is no signal at all. All the wires are connected for the neck just as they are for the bridge, but yet it doesn't seem to be getting any signal. Any ideas or suggenstions?

I play a Gibson SG and the humbuckers are Seymour Duncan SH-2n and SH-4.

check your wiring loom against the seymour duncan website http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
Put in what you have got i.e 1 vol 1 tone and it will come up check it against that
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