the intro sounds just like the blue-man-group songs.
when the drums come in it sounds very metallica-ish, i dont like the clean-sounding guitar in the background, sounds a little weird. when i think of "metal instrumental" i think of blistering solos and rip-your-face-off riffs. this is good, but to me it sounds like a metal song lacking vocals. was well played, and the tone was okay, could use some more balls, keep it up.

The siren in the begging was cool. Theres some tasty riffs but you should add some leads. it would sound a lot better with some vocals and a beast of a solo. I actually liked the clean guitar in the background. Overall It's well perfomed and a good tune.


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After the first set of distorted chords came in, it sounded as if you cut off after some of them. And I wasnt really liking the little slides you did after them. But after that was pretty darn good.
Thanks for the crit on my song

Nice I liked the intro, and then the first explosion came in and that's when the metallica'ish guitar started, liked the song overall, fitted the video, maybe you could add a solo to make it a bit more interesting? or maybe just a bit of lead guitar in it...well that's my opinion anyways :P